Female/Male split

Container Gyms' female/male split gyms are designed as standard within a 12 metre container but have a dividing wall at the centre. Both sides contain their own air conditioning and can have their own TVs and sound systems fitted if requested.

These gyms contain all of the necessary equipment for a quality workout and are able to be split with differing equipment for each side if requested. As a standard the split gyms will contain the following equipment within each section:

  • Incline/decline treadmill with auto safety shut off
  • Fluid rower
  • Spin/body bike
  • Leg press - adjustable free bench
  • Cable driven lat pull down
  • Cable driven triceps extension
  • Chin dip/up tree
  • Pectoral fly
  • Biceps curl
  • Shoulder press
  • Seated row - low/high
  • Free weight ranging from 1Kg - 50Kg dumb bells (2x each weight range)
  • Olympic disc weights from 2.5Kg - 20Kg (4x each weight range)
  • Standing calf raise
  • Cable accessory stand
  • Olympic weight tree
  • Olympic bar holder
  • 2-Tier dumbbell rack
  • Foam massage rollers
  • Various attachment tools for use on cable machines

sit ups