Cardio & Weight Training

Our cardio/weight training Gym is the most popular and offers a range of options for the individual seeking variety through their training.

All of the equipment in this option is again of the highest standard and contains a mixture of cardio options to suit any level of fitness. We pride ourselves on delivering a gym that will suit our clients needs and this gym certainly delivers with its overall flexibility.

  • Incline/decline treadmill with auto safety shut off
  • Fluid Rower
  • Spin/body bikes
  • Leg press - adjustable free bench
  • Leg curl - seat adjustable
  • Leg extension - seat adjustable
  • Cable driven lat pull down
  • Cable driven Triceps extension 
  • Smith machine bench press with incline /decline
  • Chin dip/up tree
  • Pectoral Fly
  • Biceps Curl
  • Shoulder Press
  • Seated Row - Low/high
  • Free weights - ranging 1Kg - 50Kg dumb bells 
  • Olympic disc weights from 2.5Kg - 20Kg
  • Standing calf raise
  • Cable accessory stand
  • Olympic weight tree
  • Olympic bar holder
  • 2-Tier Dumbbell rack
  • Foam massage rollers
  • Various attachment tools for cable machines

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Optional extras for our treadmills:

  • TVs playing free to air or pay TV channels
  • USB ports for music players to run through the treadmill speakers.

Our treadmills also include fast fit safety clips for instant shut off. Additionally, all spin bikes and fluid rowers are fitted with shoe fasteners for safe operation.

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